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Minnesota Party

Sick of the city, Sam quits his job and moves to Minnesota, as far from humanity as possible. He sees the postman once a week and gets groceries once a month. After six months of isolation, someone knocks on his door. A huge bearded man is standing on his porch.

Name’s Lars, the man says, from down the road. Having a party Saturday. Wanna come?

Definitely, says Sam. After six months out here, I’m ready to meet some people.

Gotta warn you, says Lars, there’s gonna be some drinkin.’

No problem: I can drink with the best of them, says Sam.

More’n likely gonna be some fightin’ too.

Well, I like people, Sam says. I’ll be there.

Lars starts to walk away, but then turns back. I seen some wild sex at these parties, too.

Not a problem, says Sam. I’ve been alone for six months! Just one question, though: What should I wear?

Lars shrugs. Whatever you want. It’s just gonna be the two of us.

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