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The Second Coming

A woman takes her 16-year-old daughter to the doctor. The doctor says, OK, Mrs. Jones, what’s the problem?

The mother says, It’s my daughter, Darla. She keeps getting these cravings, she’s putting on weight, and she’s sick most mornings.

The doctor gives Darla a thorough examination, then turns to the mother and says, Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your Darla is pregnant ” about four months would be my guess.

The mother says, Pregnant?!? She can’t be. She has never even been left alone with a man! Have you Darla?

Darla says, No mother! I’ve never even kissed a man!

The doctor walks over to the window and just stares out of it. About five minutes pass and finally the mother says, Is there something wrong out there, doctor?

The doctor replies, No, not really. It’s just that the last time anything like this happened, a star appeared in the East and three wise men came over the hill. I’ll be darned if I’m going to miss it this time!

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